Graphic Designer // Illustrator

Burgers for Insomniacs

This was made as a branding for a burger joint aimed to insomniacs and regular night owls. The aim was to overtake the late-night market with local organic ingredients. The following were the branding options shown to the clients.

Above: First option, "Neon Burger." This option was made for the Southside, a high-end neighborhood in downtown Chattanooga. The hours would be from 6pm to 6am so that the regular diner crowd could still enjoy the food.
Below: Second option, "Twenty Fo' Burger Sto'." This was created for a centralized area in Chattanooga, the building is diner-like, to invite customers to stay longer than just the meal and create a community for insomniacs, there would be TVs and board games.

Below: Last option, "Midnight Picnic." This is the option that was chosen, a food truck that announces it's nightly location though a smartphone app. There are picnic blankets set out for customers to sit on while they wait for their food and congregate together.