Graphic Designer // Illustrator

Push Hard Rebranding

This project is a rebrand for a lumber company on Signal Mountain. Rudd, the owner of the mill, wanted the rebrand to show his love for the product (high-end rustic furniture and built-ins) and for sourcing and reusing local sustainable wood. Rudd is a no-nonsense businessman and wanted all of his printed matter to show that, so I created business cards that double as sand paper.

Above: What it started out as, no other pieces really existed outside of a business card designed by a local print shop. I was told he didn't use a circular saw and wanted something that better represented the mill.

Above: Full redesign. The tool he uses most is a bandsaw, so I incorporated it into the design.
Below: Yes, these work. Yes, they ruined the blade used to trim them out. Yes, they kill the business card behind them.